June 2016

Our Vision and Mission

Vision To be recognized as a world-class research-oriented university having made significant contribution to building prosperous and equitable society.   Mission To assist in attaining people’s aspirations for “Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali”. To advance knowledge and technology in order to improve livelihood of people and support economic sectors, which have high potential for triggering rapid economic growth of the country. To equip graduates with skills and values making them capable of research and innovation and nurturing of human values.    

Research and Development for improving livelihood

Due to the inability to upgrade the technology of production the financial viability of many income generating activities has been deteriorating threatening the livelihood of the people. For example, farming activity in hills is declining because of deteriorating viability. Livelihood is also being threatened by environmental degradation, climate change, plant diseases and the lack of capacity to mitigate negative impact of these factors. Suggestions related to such problems would help MBUST to contribute to improvement of livelihood of people. [...]

May 2016

Student Research and Development

MBUST intends to engage students in research development (R&D) related to real life problems of enterprises. Such R&D is relatively inexpensive. Enterprises wishing to collaborate with the university in this activity are requested to express their interest specifically indicating the areas for R&D. While providing suggestions please kindly provide contact details of the enterprise and other details you may want to share.

March 2016

Professional Advice

Over next few months the Board will be identifying academic programs and research areas aligned to economic sector/sub-sectors/ productswith high potential for contribution to economic growth. MBUST is seeking professional advice from experts for analyzing the attractiveness of proposed promising economic sectors/sub-sectors/ products. The board has tentatively identified the following four areas: tourism, ICT, energy and water resources, and mountain/hill economy. Professionals wishing to work on these areas or their own proposals for economic sectors/sub-sectors/ productswith high potential for [...]