About Our University

Our Vision

To be recognized as a world-class research-oriented university having made a significant contribution to building a prosperous and equitable society is our vision.

Our Mission

  • To assist in attaining people’s aspirations for “Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali”.
  • To advance knowledge and technology in order to improve livelihood of people and support economic sectors, which have high potential for triggering rapid economic growth of the country.
  • To equip graduates with skills and values making them capable of research and innovation and nurturing of human values.

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Potential focus areas

MBUST plans to align its academic programs and research with economic sector/sub-sectors/ products with high potential for contribution to economic growth.

Professional Advice

Over next few months the Board will be identifying academic programs and research areas aligned to economic sector/sub-sectors/ products with high potential for contribution to economic growth.

Research and development for improving livelihood

Due to the inability to upgrade the technology of production the financial viability of many income generating activities has been deteriorating threatening the livelihood of the people.

Student research and development

MBUST intends to engage students in research development (R&D) related to real life problems of enterprises.

Board of Trustees

Under the proposed governance structure, the Board of Trustees (BOT), which will have responsibility for appointing the university President and supervising and supporting the university management, will be the supreme body of the university.

Professors and visiting professor

MBUST plans to recruit up to 20% of professors internationally. If you are interested to serve at the university please kindly forward to us your CV.

Resource Mobilization

Abundant resources are required for development of world-class universities. It is unlikely that MBUST will be able to rely for resources solely on the government.

Contribution to Endowment Fund

The Board is grateful to stakeholders for their tremendous interests in and goodwill to MBUST

The establishment of the Fund will provide an opportunity for well-wishers to contribute to building a dream university in Nepal, which is designed to facilitate the achievement of the people’s aspirations for Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali.

Along the ridges of Bhaleshwor Hill

24th March 2021

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Message from President

The preparations for the establishment of Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology (MBUST) came to fruition upon the promulgation of the MBUST Act on August 3, 2022. The MBUST Act represents a major departure from the governance framework of existing universities.